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I COSMOS – Exploring Life

August 27, 2010

Cosmos (def): An ordered, harmonious whole.  Homo sapiens: An ordered, harmonious whole when in homeostasis. Homeostasis (def): The ability or tendency of an organism or cell to support internal equilibrium by adjusting its physiological processes.

Philosophers, psychologists, medical researchers, theologists, evolutionary biologists, astrobiologists and an array of other sciences continually seek to explain life. They seek to explain it from its lowest form to its highest known form; Homo sapiens. In all cases the prevailing constant is the uniformity of structure or harmonious whole. From the lowest unicellular life form to human life forms each are a cosmos.  In the case of humans we are a cosmic array of many cosmos. Our brains, alone, are networks of interconnected cosmos. The fractal image we have included above, in our opinion, represents the cosmos networks we present here. It is not intended as an exact mapping, but only as a depiction of those interconnected systems within systems. Each system is a cosmos and may also host more cosmos within itself; almost ad infinitum.

Sonogram of 26wk human fetus.

In human reproduction, the male sperm is a cosmos (an ordered harmonious whole) and the female egg is also a cosmos (an ordered harmonious whole). When fertilization occurs there is a massive replication of cosmos that would be similar to the fractal image above. As the process continues a human life form is created, and it is a cosmos of systems upon systems of cosmos. This human-to-be is an awesome, majestic linkage of harmonious wholeness. Scientists continue to search for all the links that show how life progressed on this planet, and most probably on other habitable planets throughout this universe. Understanding the evolution of life on this planet is absolutely necessary for us to decide if and at what level life may exist on other planetary bodies here in our solar system and beyond.

The following is a direct quote from the National Academies of Science report, “The Astrophysical Context of Life”:

The past decade has seen a remarkable revolution in genomic research, the discoveries of extreme environments in which organisms can live and even flourish on Earth, the identification of past and possibly present liquid-water environments in our solar system, and the detection of planets around other stars. Together these accomplishments bring us much closer to understanding the origin of life, its evolution and diversification on Earth, and its occurrence and distribution in the cosmos.

By relating life to the cosmos concept we seek to promote the growing awareness of the total interconnectedness of all energy forms within the universe.  Yes there are many distinctions, all glorious, but there is also a common thread that we can best define as COSMOS.  So perhaps a more complex and larger fractal system actually defines the universe and all that is within it.  Calling it Cosmos means that all within it meet the definition of being an ordered and harmonious whole.

We have not yet achieved that realization scientifically, and there is much to uncover and relate before we do. Our confidence is that we will arrive at that

The Coma Supercluster of Galaxies

realization which will expand human awareness of our beginnings, our presence and our future.  It will also, hopefully, instill an awed appreciation for all that surrounds us and the challenges and responsibilities that this awareness places upon us.  We are Cosmos within a greater Cosmos, and it is highly probable it is part of an even greater Cosmos. The fractal concept in this vision implies infinite connectivity. Intensely humbling while at the same time insuring the viability of Cosmos at all levels.

CREDIT:(1) The fractal image above is from the website The Code Project and from an article on fractal generation by Peter Kankowski. You may visit the website and the article by selecting this link (2) The image of a 26 week human fetus is a sonogram image from the website that presents an “Overview of Fetal Development.” You may visit this site by selecting this link.  (3) The astrophotograph of the Coma Supercluster is by this author, and in his opinion clearly illustrates the interconnectedness of COSMOS.


URGENT EXPLORATIONS: Doing Our Homework – Lesson 2: Environment

August 1, 2010

Not only is it a “blue marble” it is also a blue marvel.  Our home, planet Earth, is an amazing confluence of the sciences (biology, chemistry, physics) and life.  Right now, it is the only planet we are certain of that produces and supports life.   The millions of other Earth-sized, potentially habitable planets in the universe are, as yet, unproven hosts. That seems to me to signal an important reality.  If we hope to continue and progress as a civilization we need to take special care of our home.  To become homeless in this galaxy and the universe would be brief and most likely painful. Additionally, if we truly wish to reach out and explore our surrounding solar system and maybe our galaxy, we must carefully preserve and protect our home base. In the broad sense we are talking about our environment; lesson 2 in our homework assignment.


Extreme views on both sides of the issue claim either the planet is dying or that we are being misled by overzealous liberals who twist science to fit their arguments.  Certainly some of the serious levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are a by-product of the bellowing arguments of politicians, lobbyists and serious environmentalists. As we know, despite sound evidence, critical warnings and appeals, we continue to steadfastly work to destroy our only home.  At the rate this is happening, we may kill Earth before we ever succeed in terraforming (if that is even an effective method) the Moon, Mars or some other distant solar system moon.

Put simply, this behavior has to stop, and stopping it will take more than the earnest and sincere efforts of the “Green Corps.”  We must evolve an entirely new lifestyle that enables us to continue to progress as a spacefaring civilization while doing our utmost to restore, preserve and protect our blue marvel.  All of this can be a very positive activity and not the negative, and destructive measures that many large corporations, misguided politicians, and equally misguided citizens proclaim.  It is an exploratory challenge.  Industry must find new ways to produce, politicians must return to representing we-the-people instead of big business, and we all must take time and effort to turn around our misguided citizens.  None of these are easy tasks, but each hour that we ignore the challenge, our wish to explore beyond our home drifts further away from our realization.

This is not just about alternative energies or global warming. It is about oceans that are shedding the precious life they contain, it is about greenness that gives way to greed, and it is about humankind that continues to abuse both itself and its environment.  It is also about a civilization that has strong desires to reach out and explore where no human has ventured before.  In order to do that we must first venture forth here on Earth.  Industry must explore and develop new ways to produce in a non-poisonous way. Politicians must unite (gasp) and move to give both laws and incentives that encourage both civil and public entities to actively pursue safe environmental practices. Equally important, we citizens of Earth must reach out to educate and support our fellow humans in their efforts to help preserve and protect our blue marvel.  Not easy tasks in any venue, but vital.  If we fail, we lose and in losing we go nowhere and we wither away as one more failed civilization in the universe.  Oh yes, I know right now we are not sure there are more of us, but science pretty well certifies that there is, and if it is at or has been at the stage we are in now, then it may have prospered and is awaiting our visit, or it may have failed and no longer exists. We should strive for that meet up, not our disappearance.

Am I preaching this with crossed fingers?  I am definitely not.  I no longer use a vehicle, I walk, run or use public transportation. I strive to cut my carbon footprint further by carefully recycling and by not using energy resources when I do not need them.  Just think about all of us, globally doing these very personal acts to support and save our environment.  Very worthwhile and important, but not enough to save our home.  Everything, globally must change, but it must change positively and with clear progress.  We accomplish nothing if all we do is shake our fists, scream and holler and blame big industry while we drive away in out big, big gas burner vehicle.  If we shake our fists, let it be in encouragement for industry that take steps to grow bigger and environmentally safer.  If we scream and shout let it be in praise of every citizen that is taking direct steps to lower their personal carbon footprint. If we place blame, let it be on ourselves for nodding in agreement and doing nothing.

I will never have the opportunity to explore space, even a quick trip to our Moon, but should that deter me from making sure that future generations have that opportunity?  As I have written throughout this Explorolgy blog, we are mandated by our very existence to explore.  In order to explore we first must preserve our launch point – planet Earth. Will you start today?  If you do, take time to hug a tree, it helps supply your breath of life.

Through The Door

June 12, 2010

Explorology could be considered as the science of exploration. I am sure there is research into the exploration process, but the word, as far as I know, is a kluge derived by me.

Most of the posts that will follow here will relate to the exploration of our solar system, our galaxy and the universe beyond. Additionally, there will be posts that acknowledge all levels of the exploration process that extends to the most infinitesimal and infinite that surrounds us.

In all cases, we must open the “who, what, why and where” door to begin any exploration. For example the delightful event when a newborn begins to explore and discover itself is the very first time we as humans open and step through that door. In a variety of ways, we never stop until we draw the blinds on our ever curious minds.