THE BREAKOUT: Bold Escapes Into The Future: An Editorial

The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones.
John Maynard Keynes

The true history of science is a history of dramatic breakouts through the use of bold research and even bolder imagination and curiosity. In this past year humankind’s exploratory urge has been stifled by depressive economic activism that has empowered negativism with forceful suppression of positive ideas. Well as we get set to step across the threshold into a new year, we need it to be a quantum jump into the future. There is neither merit nor progress in timidity or faked thriftiness. Yes, faked. Money is not being wisely spent or saved it is being hoarded and as a result, progress starves.  Let the breakout begin!

The first hurdle is to break through the Three-P Barrier: politics, pessimism and pettiness. In this trio, politics holds the key. If, in the coming election, those with progress in their hearts make it clear that new ideas and new solutions must be the thrust of the next leadership, then we are taking the first important step in our breakout. This will be a bold political move considering the present climate of pessimism and petty ideologies. We must strive to make this happen or stagnate as a civilization.

Exploration is the next step. In the beginning it is essentially a rediscovery of our unabashed sense of curiosity and wonderment. This reaches across from the expanse of the cosmos to the mysteries of how life burst forth here and throughout our universe. In exercising our curiosity we suddenly loosen the bonds of suspicion and superstition. We become FREE. When this is revived we re-open the doors to the future, and the future is born in our progeny. So we must also reach across to each child and nurture his or her natural inquisitiveness. This is a key element of our breakout. Life blossoms in a whoosh of excitement and progress and re-empowers vigor and that vigor ignites productivity. Humankind is once again on the move – forward.

Opportunity and Risk Regain Their Appeal: The entire breakout is energizing and inspirational. The fiscal hoarding ceases and both opportunity and risk-taking feel natural again. With the death of hoarding, capitalism wakes up and further invigorates our breakout.  The economy tingles with new life and each of us regain both stamina and hope.

Yes, most of the above are dreams at this moment, but those dreams are energy and when we stifle them we wither. We Must Dream On, and in dreaming the breakout will come.


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