About the new Header Image

The new header image is photo-art from the blog author (Waddell Robey). The intent is to portray what could be a Wormhole. This is an artistic guess since no one has yet proven the theory of wormholes.

Yes, they think wormholes could be brief, violent, but connective bridges between black and white holes. They would also, as Einstein theorized, allow a bridging or passage across time and space. In other words a shortcut across the universe. Stupendous advantage for deep space travel, but also a potential trap. Wormholes,  if they exist,  are considered to open and shut in moments, therefore, a traveler’s “spacetunnel” could snap shut shortly after opening thus trapping him or her in some distant space/time warp.

At this point it is all surmise and a delight for science fiction, and so is the header image. The colorful indications of powerful motion and a funneling toward the far end of the tunnel is both compelling and a bit foreboding. If it were real, and it looked like the image, would you step through it?

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