CONTACT Of The Real Kind

Oh boy this is another one of those mystery talks with an extra-terrestrial, right? No, this is about real contacts that occur every day, but most that we either overlook or ignore.

If we are alive and conscious, even in sleep, we are explorers in the sense that our brains and our sensory organs are always on some level of alertness. Also, like explorers, we can chose to follow-up on an event or chose to ignore it; even subconsciously. Here are some examples of what I mean:

  • Good Mourning Dove: It is early morning, and in the Spring. You are sipping on your coffee and looking out your window. A Mourning Dove alights on the outside sill of your window and looks in. You are startled, but you look at the bird and for a brief instance there is direct eye contact between you and the Dove. It is not fleeting. You and the bird hold your gazes looking directly into each other’s eyes. In that brief time you sense a feeling of communion, just like you might feel as you look into the eyes of your child, spouse or loved one. Then the bird looks away, but remains for a while longer. It never looks back at you.  You experience a sense of a disconnect, of loss.
  • Squid Sessions: For a several years, you live on an island in the Caribbean Sea. You enjoy a daily, morning snorkel around a coral reef just off your beach. Each morning you are met by anywhere from 3 to 5 Caribbean Reef Squid. They form up side by side and move together toward you then stop. During this entire interval they have maintained direct eye contact with you. At the same time they manage, in some way to communicate quickly with each other to keep up their formation and unity. The first meeting was alarming, and you started to turn away, but when they stopped you stopped. The eye contact was sustained and direct. In this case it is you who finally moves on. This becomes a routine and every morning that you snorkel, the squid come out to meet you. There is never any aggressive behavior and the routine and the sustained eye contact always occur. Like the Dove experience you begin to sense a link, a communication between you and the squid. You always leave slowly and with some regret, but look forward to the next meeting.
  • Squirrely Days: Where you live now, there is a bounty of small wildlife, especially gray squirrels.  Now usually these creatures immediately run to the nearest tree or light pole and put it between them and you. One day, as this begins to happen you whistle a little chirping noise. The squirrel stops, turns and raises up onto it hind legs, and direct eye contact occurs. Like with the Dove, the contact is brief, but totally direct. That sense of a brief union, of communication occurs. The spell is broken as the squirrel turns and slowly heads for a tree or light pole.

Well, there are many, many other examples, and I am sure animal biologists and wildlife specialists will have a variety of scientific and behavior explanations.  I do not doubt them, but I think what is also occurring is a moment of direct communication of some sort during those direct eye contacts. There is no wariness in the behavior or eyes of the creature, and after I become adjusted to it, there is none from me either. In my mind there is something we are mutually sharing that allows those brief eye to eye exchanges. Yes, I have the same type of silent exchanges with my pets and even with the wild animals I helped raise. These latter instances are not surprising and can be expected, but the others, of the same nature, are both surprising and fascinating.

Most amazing, this is not an experience that could be explained by animals and humans in an urban environment. Certainly, the squid are not in an urban environment, and I have also been in deep wilderness areas and had similar direct eye to eye experiences with wildlife in those regions. Alligators, Cotton-Mouth Moccasins (no hiss, no bite), a variety of owls, and many others have joined me in these exchanges.

Is there some unique genetic link? I do not know. Is it because I do not behave like a predator? Maybe, but not likely. Is it because there is a link, genetic or otherwise that is an often neglected, overlooked or overridden? Perhaps, and if true, then the concept of a chain of life that threads its way through all life forms is plausible. Accepting this, following it, and practicing it could completely change humankind’s shared existence with all other life forms on this planet. It may also prove to be a vital theory to be applied across the universe as we explore and discover life in our galaxy and beyond.

On your next walk on the wild side, stop, look for that eye contact and remember it. In my opinion you have just shared something very unique, very private and very specific in that eye-to-eye moment between you and the creature you met. I think you have managed to cross an invisible bridge of communion with all life.

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  2. XiNeutrino Says:

    NASA continues to look for life in the universe, just as we should always look around us for life in our Earthverse.

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      Thank you for your comment. I use standard “wordpress” formatting. Nothing fancy. I suspect wordpress may not be IPhone friendly. Sorry if that is the case.

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