SOUP’S ON! – Exploring the Primordial Soup

Like a gentle butterfly or a thistle-down we will alight on the sandy and or mucky shore surrounding a pool of burgeoning life. To do otherwise could easily demolish those vital secrets that will tell us how molecules of lifeless chemicals made the transition into life matter that began the replication process that led to us.

As most visitors here already know, there is an intense biological, biochemical, geobiological and astrobiological research being conducted to finally learn how life started here on Earth, and most likely on every habitable planet in the universe.

It is expected that we will find the answer to life’s beginning in our research on this planet and that will be a key to our understanding of how life will evolve or has evolved on the many habitable planets in the universe.  This is not to say that evolution will be exactly the same as our own and that humanoid life-forms that evolve elsewhere exactly resemble us. It is also possible that all life develops the same way, but evolves differently depending upon its unique environment. How will we know?

In time we will perfect our ability to travel into deep space beyond our solar system and to actually explore other planets in this galaxy and beyond. In some instances we may arrive on an exoplanet at that critical time when life is just beginning to evolve. In other words we have come upon the primordial soup. This would be an incredible opportunity to witness and assess that process that produces the earliest forms of life. Can we do this without interrupting or completely destroying the process? Dare we even venture to the point where that may happen?

In our opinion, as we continue the process of seeking the origins of life on this planet, we will learn more about both the robustness and fragility of the life-forming process and in doing so move closer to a new perspective and reverence for all life. This is expected to change how we conduct ourselves with each other and to all aspects of life on this planet. Hopefully, that critical evolutionary step will, first, assure the safe continuation of all life here on Earth, and impose extreme carefulness in our future deep space explorations. If we fail in this, then we will most likely quickly enhance our own extinction and never know more than we know now about that stunning instance when a chemical morass begins the transition into new life.

In summary, life is not wildness to be tamed and controlled. Right now we have not yet connected the dots leading to our understanding of the process that has produced humankind. What we have mistakenly presumed is that we are the top of the evolutionary ladder and therefore inevitably “in charge.”  Wrong! We must stay humble students who, as we learn, elevate ourselves not as masters but as grateful and enthusiastic partners of all life on this planet and beyond. This is our most important evolutionary step, and unlike all of our earlier steps, this one is solely our choice. As for me, I vote for life; all life.

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CREDITS: Butterfly image: From “My Wild Life” nature photography by Waddell Robey (c)1997 (unpublished).

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One Comment on “SOUP’S ON! – Exploring the Primordial Soup”

  1. XiNeutrino Says:

    To get an idea of the unity of life that I have tried to convey in this blog article, I urge you to see the movie (on DVD), “The Snow Walker”. If you have seen it already, I urge you to watch it again and reflect on what it tries to tell us.

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