What an incredible achievement Homo sapiens are. At the moment, what an incredible flop, Homo sapiens are. What? How dare I say that. Look at all the great discoveries, scientific advances, medical breakthroughs, and great artistic contributions humankind has made. Yes, and look at all the wars, all the destructiveness, and all the ongoing disrespect for the life around us that we humans have also accomplished.

Oh no, this is going to be one of THOSE blog articles! The answer is both yes and no. Please, don’t run away, stick with us and see where we are going.

It is just a theory, but when all those myriad interactions were occurring that brought about life on this planet, there had to be considerable aggressiveness present to press the evolutionary process forward. Certainly that aggressiveness was essential to ensure the eventual development of we humans. The theory is that this aggressiveness has remained a distinct element within our genetic makeup that leads us to consider that we, and only we are the eminent life-form on this planet and possibly within the universe. This is an incorrect and dangerous conceit that stands to march us right into extinction.

Okay that is the bad news. The good news is that as we grow increasingly conscious of our celestial surrounds, and particularly the possibility of life all over the universe, we have become intensely interested in how life began. It is this exploratory process that stands to flip us out of our flop state and into an amazing joint, compatriot status with all of life. We still do not have the real answers on how life began, but our search is producing many new discoveries that tease and challenge our intellect while shaking out the smugness of our original conceit.

Oh yes, we are quite powerful, but we are also quivering weaklings before the powers of cancer and many deadly viruses. We are beginning to sense the existence of a partnership of life in which we aren’t in charge, but just a more complex, more versatile, and a more terrifying life-form. Most significantly we now know that each of us carries around with us an entire universe of life on and within us. At last we are beginning to respect that reality rather than seeking to escape or banish it. The flip is beginning!

So, according to this theory, should humankind become, tepid, non-aggressive creatures that mellow out in the shadows? Absolutely not! We, hopefully, are moving toward the process in which we redirect our aggressiveness to foster and protect all life and to devise ways to co-exist productively.  Yep, part of our evolutionary pattern is our entrepreneurial behaviors. There is nothing wrong with this. Where it has gone wrong is how we manage that urge within the life around us. Believe it or not, if we manage our eagerness to encompass and enrich our living environment we will enjoy greater achievement and wealth. Most importantly we will make sure our future existence and the safety of our home planet for millions of years to come. This is sensible and sound investing.

Meanwhile, the explorations of the life-forms around us and throughout the solar system certify that our pro-life strategy becomes not just a global strategy but one that we will apply throughout our solar system and beyond. Do not be surprised that as we make these positive changes that suddenly visitations from ET and friends will begin to occur.  Oh, oh, the fear mongers are arming up, and if they do we need to squelch it at once. The fact that ET exists at all is a clear sign that life preservation and enhancement is a success elsewhere in the universe.

No, don’t shake your head and shout out “dream on sucker!” This is not a dream,  this is a statement of the reality we must both accept and enhance in order to keep the evolution engine well oiled and on track. All that life around us, acknowledges our superior existence and depends upon us to move the entire universe of life safely forward. So we have not lost our importance, and we stand at the threshold to gather all life around us and set sail across the celestial sea. We search and explore and in doing so we sustain and enrich life wherever we find it. Homo sapiens are now the guardians of life. The flip is done, well done.


Backlight Dance by Jack Wolsky: From the Life Class Exhibit. Courtesy of the Rochester City Newspaper  http://bit.ly/cp4TvD

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