Yes, I know, I only selected four areas to discuss under this topic, and as all readers know there are many more.  My point, however, is that if we attend to the four “E’s” we will be in better place to attend to the many other issues that keep us from becoming a fully spacefaring civilization.  Please notice, I maintain we must treat all of this as a global issue, thus civilization instead of nation as the focus.

In Education, for example, the United States has dropped to twelfth place among the thirty plus nations with high levels of college graduates. We must catch up, not to lead, but to bolster the international population of skilled and well-trained young people.

In Energy, our Congress, held in the tight grip of special interests, can not come together to move ahead in establishing the type of energy policy that, again, helps us fulfill our international obligations.

All citizens of planet Earth have the responsibility to preserve and protect our Environment because unless we take care of our planet we degrade the very source of our spacefaring abilities.

Regardless of the level and vitality of global Enterprise, unless we have mastered the three “E’s” above our creative, and bold efforts are feeble at best.

Perhaps our biggest and hardest challenge is making the transition from warfare to spacefare.  Aside from the theopolitical and sociopolitical ideologies that batter the global conscience, humankind’s prehistoric obsessions with tribal-style governance tears us apart and keeps us apart as citizens of Earth.  Look at the image on the left above.  This is a grouping of international students at George Mason University in the United States.  I do not read hostility on their faces, I read interest, attention and even tranquility in their expressions. Would they vote for more warfare or opt for the promise of exciting and rewarding spacefare? I suspect, I hope, in fact, I believe they would vote for spacefare.

The results of space-exploration related enterprise will expand opportunity across the globe for all levels of skills and interests.  This extension and enhancement of opportunity directly mediates the impact of sociopolitical constraints and stands as a strong catalyst for world peace.  As for the impact of theopolitcal ideologies, the very presentation and access of our civilization to the mysteries, glories and challenges of the universe enhance rather than challenge spiritual philosophies. This too, becomes a strong catalyst for world peace.

Lastly,  our global social structures are based upon the power of the few and the democratic or otherwise control of the people.  Yes, we will always need leadership and support for the rights of the people, but in the venue of a spacefaring civilization we have the opportunity to build an egalitarian civilization.

Why would we chose otherwise?  Why not start now? Please don’t misinterpret this as the expansion of a “techie” culture. I am talking about a civilization that sees far beyond just the present and the local scene. We chose to reach out and explore, to discover, and to explain all that surrounds us.  Most importantly in doing so, we humbly seek to enhance and enrich our civilization as well as those we may come across in our future explorations. Let’s not delay, let’s start that process today.


Image: From Flikr: Image of a gathering of international students at George Mason University (GMU) in the United States.

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