Relational Exploring: Looking Near and Far

Evolutionary biologists and Astrobiologists working side by side are seeking answers to how life actually began on Earth and in the process build models of how life might emerge on distant exo-planets. In one sense a combination retrospective and prospective study.  Sounds dull and tedious? Not so. It is exciting and eminently rewarding.  I admire both their immense dedication and attention to every small detail.

This is not just one or two biological sciences it is an intellectual gathering of a broad spectrum of the life sciences.  A visit to the web site, illustrates this fact.

When I talk about relational exploring I am talking about the process where we are intensely studying our own planet to find how life started, and in the process we are gathering information that will allow us to better analyze biochemical conditions on exo-planets that hint at possible life.  This near and far research will prove, in my opinion, to be invaluable in our final understanding of how life develops throughout the cosmos.

Now, keep in mind there are some scientists that are not certain that life exists throughout the cosmos. They contend that possibly the unique environment of Earth and its relative position within out solar system make it ideal for the development of life.  I, personally, in my non-scientist role, consider that life can and does exist throughout the universe, and as committed explorers, it is humankind’s job to prove that.

Astrobiology Magazine is an ideal source for keeping up with the latest relational exploring going on in this field.  As we gain the ability to more discretely assess the environments of the many exo-planets we have discovered we will begin to learn how life develops outside our solar system and beyond.  At the same time; however, our exploration of the planetary bodies within our own solar system will also expand our understanding of how life begins in a variety of environments and conditions.

Because of the intensity of this research, soon we should receive scientific proof of how life started here on Earth.  This revelation in itself will be a stimulus to these explorations.  Is there a life form on Io, or Europa, or Titan or…?  We will have a better idea after we know how life evolved here.

Stay tuned!


Image, Cambrian Life: From “Astrobiology Magazine” – An artist’s rendering, based on fossil evidence, of some of the bizarre life forms, now extinct, that emerged during the “Cambrian explosion.”

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