“We Shall Send Men To The Moon”

Safe Return of Apollo 13

Perhaps not the exact quote of President John F. Kennedy, but a close enough approximation that you understand the message.

Many declare that the entire Apollo program was a political, “oneupsmanship” battle between the United States and the Soviet Union. They are right, it was, but that was not what really happened.

For the first time citizens of the world became focused on humankind’s exploration of space. During the competition between the USSR and the US that focus was intense. Since then the focus has wained despite the exciting and endearing charm of the space shuttle missions and the International Space Station.

We cannot let that focus disappear, and it is my belief that a concentrated, international mission to the Moon will both revive that international attention and will be the most logical and productive first step into a long-term, sustained exploration of our solar system.

You may read my views and suggestions in this regard by visiting my blog MoonBase Apollo .

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